The wanderer’s pack cut a ragged line through the dessert. Dragged by cracked fingers locked about its rough loop. The sack’s broken straps trailing, gently stroking either side of the growing trench. Their staggered clawing at the furrow’s edges agitating the sands in some weak attempt to hide the wanderer’s progress. Though progress was an all too optimistic label for his trudging.

Just onward, forward and away.

He imagines a purpose to this journey, lost somewhere back down the line. A necessity or desire that gropes at him from his beginnings. His whys and becauses now dried up. Reason cracked and crumbled and trampled into the sands behind. Whether his was pilgrimage or flight, he can no longer remember. Only sure that he has to keep on, toward the constantly setting sun. He walks on, away from the dark. His mouth raving and his mind reeling. His skins empty and his face peeling. He walks on. Dragging himself into that ever-dying light.